We're so honored to announce that we have teamed up with an amazing organization called World Vision.

World Vision Logo

World Vision is an organization who is genuine in their venture to make the world a better place. They work in locations world-wide through child sponsorship, education programs, and disaster relief.

The Facts

Every day, more than 24,000 children under the age of 5 die - most from preventable causes such as hunger and disease.

A total of 75 million of the world's children of primary school age are not enrolled in school.

Hunger is linked to one-third of all child deaths worldwide.

Over 1 billion children are severely deprived of at least one of the essential goods and services they need to survive.

Sponsoring a child not only benefits that child, but their family, friends, and even their community.

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Our Trip: January 2012

World Vision is an organization where you don't have to wonder where your money is going. They encourage direct communication with the child you are sponsoring through letters, and even traveling directly to locations they work with. We couldn't be more excited to travel to the Dominican Republic with them in January 2012 and see first hand the incredible work that is being done, and not to mention meet our beautiful sponsored child, Franyely. We will be sharing our thoughts and stories with all of you about this journey.


What you can do

We want to encourage you, our fans, to join with us in supporting this organization. Click the link on this page today to World Vision and you will be able to find a child that is in need of your love and sponsorship. You may feel that there isn't much you can do, but we assure you, sponsoring one child will make more of a difference than you could ever imagine. One small monthly payment can save the life of a child, and perhaps even an entire community in need. It's easy to get caught up in our day to day struggles, and live in our small comfort zones. But we all need a little perspective. There are problems out there bigger than our own, bigger than us. Sponsoring a child is a commitment, but it's a commitment you will never regret. We want to challenge you to love a little bigger, and step outside of your comfort zones with us as we step outside of ours.

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